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Darton Archery has been around since the 1950's when it began in Michigan making leather goods and arrows. It began making recurves in the 1960's, but stopped recurve bow production after the compound bow market took and recurve sales plummeted.   Darton was one of the few archery companies of the time that successfully transitioned to compound bows, and as a result are still operating today.  Currently, Darton produces only compound bows, and none with a long enough ATA to be considered a finger bow.  

Darton produced a modest but full line of recurve bows. Unlike some companies, they tended to stick with the same model names although designs did change some over time. The high end Thunderbird was their flagship target bow. Other target bows included the Electra and Dynamic. Hunting bows included the Fury, Thunderbird, and Magnum.  All purpose bows included the Classic, Valiant, and Valiant SL.  Entry-level bows included the Clipper, Trail Master and Ranger.  Kids bows included the Dart and Thunderstick.   While you may not have seen many Dartons on the tournament circuit, Darton bows are quality bows and highly regarded by those who shoot them. 

Darton  Catalogs:

        1960s (Early) Darton Catalog     1965 Darton Catalog     1969 Darton Catalog     1970 Darton Catalog  

                    1973 Darton Catalog      1974 Darton Catalog     1975 Darton Catalog     1976 Darton Catalog