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The Fasco archery company was formed in 1957. The company was founded by three men, Russ Fogerty, Willy Alvares and Charlie Smith. The name of the company came from the first letter of each man's last name and CO. added at the end. In 1960 they sold the company to Emitt Ries. During this period Fasco bows were produced with beautiful and exotic woods, frequently with wood carvings. A Fasco bow with a basket weave or oakleaf carving, or an ivory in ebony inlay is a treasure.  The company was sold again in 1962 to Seattle Archery.  Fasco recurve bows were listed in the 1965-1966 Seattle Archery catalog, but by the 1979 catalog all recurve bows had been dropped. As a side note in 1964 the Fasco Archery division of Seattle Archery Co. bought Drake Archery. Harry Drake retained the flight bow manufacture part of Drake Archery. Fasco manufactured the Fire-Drake, Hunter-Flight and Shark bows.

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